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Energy Building Nutrition

When Your Dog Needs It


The Science Behind K9 Energy Edge

Energy and the Canine Athlete

Understanding how your canine athlete uses energy is important when trying to improve performance.  Fatigue can lead to a sluggish response to commands and injury resulting in an overall diminish...

Energy and the Working Dog

Working dogs are truly premier canine athletes. As such, one should pay close attention to meeting their energy needs. There are 3 sources of energy… fats, carbohydrates and proteins...

What's your dog sport? Practical Uses for K9 Energy Edge Glyco-Gen Shake Mix

Agility Dogs: Since agility runs are often of fairly short duration, agility dogs use primarily carbohydrates for all their energy needs. Use Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones after...

K9 Energy Edge Improves

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Carbohydrates power the brain! As the stores are depleted, the dog loses focus and ability to respond to commands. 
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Carbohydrates are the fuel of fast twitch muscle fibers used for sprinting , climbing, jumping and ANY bursts of energy!  
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Without "targeted nutrition" muscles can be depleted of their glycogen stores in 1-2 days (depending on the energy expended) 
Replace up to 80% of carbohydrates used with " Glyco-Gen Targeted Nutrition" ! 

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