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Practical Uses for K9 Energy Edge Glyco-Gen Shake and Bones

Agility Dogs: Since agility runs are often of fairly short duration, agility dogs use primarily carbohydrates for all their energy needs. Use Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones after each run to replace carbohydrates quickly and efficiently. The result is a dog at the end of the day with the same energy level with which she/he started!

Dock Dogs: Sprinting and jumping are “fast –twitch” activities requiring carbohydrates to supply quick, intense energy. Using Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones after each run will keep carbohydrate stores full and ready for a longer jump!

Herding Dogs: On the ranch or on the trial field, herding dogs use carbohydrates constantly. Fatigue results in a less responsive dog especially noticed during stressful chores such as shedding and penning. Maintain physical and mental energy by giving Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones every 45-90 minutes or after each trial run. Use 30-45 minutes before work when energy demands are high. 

Hunting Dogs: Working hard in the field all day depletes a dog’s carbohydrate stores. Using Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones every 45-90 minutes will maintain a dog’s energy level without draining her/his carbohydrate stores resulting in more energy throughout the hunt.

Police Dogs: A police dog must be ready to work at any moment. Giving Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones after each search will quickly restore carbohydrates readying the police dog for the next call.

SAR Dogs: Hard work in tough terrain stresses the Search and Rescue dogs during training and actual searches. Using Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones every 45-90 minutes will stabilize energy resources and ward off both physical and mental fatigue.

Show Dogs: When dogs are excited or stressed, the adrenal glands release cortisone and adrenalin. These hormones cause the release and consumption of glucose resulting in the depletion of glycogen (stored glucose). In addition, glucose is the primary nutrient for brain functions. Keeping glycogen stores full allows for a steady level of glucose to the brain, which means a brighter, more responsive dog! For best results, administer Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones after showing in the ring to replenish glycogen stores.

Training Dogs: During training, keeping a dog bright and receptive to new behaviors can be challenging. As glycogen stores are depleted and glucose levels drop, the brain is less able to retain new information. Use Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes or Bones to provide targeted nutrition during and after training to keep the brain fresh and ready to learn.